Piotr Zwierzchowski

Piotr Zwierzchowski, professor of humanities, director of the Institute of Cultural Sciences at the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, president of the Polish Society for Film and Media Research, member of the Polish Cultural Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He deals mainly with the history of Polish cinema (especially the years 1944-1989), with particular emphasis on the contexts that determine the meaning of the film’s message. He published, inter alia, Forgotten heroes. On the film heroes of Polish socialist realism , Cracked Monolith. Contexts of Polish Socialist Realist Cinema , Spectacle and Ideology. Sketches on film images of heroic death , Bad luck , Cinema of new memory. Image World War II in Polish cinema 60s ,Neighbors. A film about Bydgoszcz in September 1939 (co-authored by Mariusz Guzek); editor and co-editor of nearly thirty collective volumes, including recently, together with Barbara Giza and Katarzyna Mąka-Malatyńska Archives in contemporary film studies .