Piotr Pławuszewski 

Piotr Pławuszewski – PhD, works at the Institute of Film, Media and Audiovisual Arts (AMU, Poznań). His research interests focus primarily on documentary cinema (which he tries to popularize in various ways, especially among young audiences). Author of the book My Own . Władysław Ślesicki’s Cinema (Krakow 2017), co-ed. the monographic issue of the magazine “Images. The International Journal of European Film, Performing Arts and Audiovisual Communication ”(2018, vol. XXIV): Kieślowski Revisited (and Re-watched). He has published in collective volumes (recently: [Nie] forgotten documentalists [Łódź 2020]) and, inter alia, in “Kino”, “Kwartalnik Filmowy”, “Images” and “Ekrany”. Curator of the exhibition “Władysław Ślesicki – he is unique”