Marek Rudnicki

Marek Rudnicki lecturer, producer and production manager

1979-1984 studies at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Łódź; 1985-1987 at the Higher Vocational School of Film and Television Production Organization, PWSFTviT in Łódź; 1996 – 2012 production manager at the Odeon Film Studio; from 2009 a lecturer at the Film Art Organization Department, PWSFTviT, from 2012 an economic expert of the Polish Film Institute

2020 HOME ROWS ON SCREEN, 52 min .; co-director, producer, screenwriter   

2019 WIERSZYKI DOMOWE season II, animated series; producer, screenwriter  

2016 PA, KOCHANIE, documentary; director, screenwriter, producer  

2016 BARAŻ, short film, dir. T. Gąssowski; executive producer  

2016 WIERSZYKI DOMOWE, animated series; producer, screenwriter  

2015 DEMON, feature film, dir. M. Wrona; production manager  

2013 RED PAPER SHIP, animation, short, dir. A. Zaręba; co-producer  

2012 LOVE, feature film, dir. S. Fabicki; producer, production manager

2010 BAPTISM, feature film, dir. M. Wrona; producer, production manager