About the Festival


From the outset, the intention of the organizers, Friends and Programme Council (consisting of Ajka Tarasow and Stanisław Zawiśliński, joined in October 2015 by Dorota Paciarelli) was to create a festival, where film lovers from the Lower Silesia region (and other parts of Poland) can come and enjoy not just Krzysztof Kieślowski’s films, but also to quote Stanisław Zawiśliński – “Cinema after Kieślowski” – including a modern generation of film makers both from Poland and Europe. The festival is also a great learning experience for film school students, who get to experience a wide variety of films created by young directors who have something relevant to pass on.

Krzysztof Kieślowski in an interview published in the book „Bez fikcji – z notatek filmowego dokumenatlisty” (Without Fiction: From the Notes of a Documentary Filmmaker, 1985) by Kazimierz Karabasz, said: “There is no place in Poland where we can meet. And we create so as to be able to meet. Communication of information, ideas, thoughts, moods – requires a projection hall… Therefore, if I think about anyone during filming, it’s about myself. Then it somewhat expands. Of course, I think about a couple of colleagues, fiends, a few people from the industry. Then in expands further, because there is a DKF somewhere that wants to see something all of the sudden. There are a couple of people from some institute. Someone from Sociology, and a few from Philosophy. And all of the sudden Mathematical Machinery… Thus it expands.”

In our opinion not much has changed. Young Polish filmmakers might today, have even fewer such places available, cinemas and projection rooms for themselves. There are fewer and fewer places where creators can meet with the so-called “average audience”, especially in the province. Culture is an important part of creating a regional identity, especially on the outskirts. Culture builds bonds and establishes opportunities to create interpersonal relationships, and it can start with a simple chat about films. Thus, we put an emphasis on CREATING SPACE. Sokołowsko is located away from the noise and bustle of big cities, but at the same time close enough to the cultural center that is Wrocław, and the equally culturally appealing Wałbrzych and Świdnica. This makes it a perfect destination for a short, three day holiday. After a walk in the Owl Mountains, in the ZDROWIE Cinema you can meet and chat with both well known actors and writers, as well as up and coming talents from all across Europe. Filmmakers and film-goers form an extremely stimulating community, and we hope you will become part of it here, in Sokołowsko.

Another important concept that the Hommage a Kieślowski Festival has been realizing very successfully since 2015, is HERITAGE – cultivation, preservation, information and education on the artistic legacy of Krzysztof Kieślowski. Thanks to the support of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, The National Audiovisual Institute, personal friends of the director, and the tireless commitment of Mrs Maria Kieślowska – the IN SITU Foundation has access to a unique collection of documents, photographs and manuscripts from the family archive of Maria Kieślowska and close friends of the late director. Just like in the previous years, festival goers in 2017 will have the opportunity to view part of Archive and a multimedia exhibition.

DIALOGUE WITH EUROPEAN CINEMA was of paramount importance for the team preparing this year’s edition. In the spirit of respect for cultural diversity and European ideals – in particular freedom, brotherhood and equality – and their propagation by way of film, in the context of ethical and moral challenges facing humankind in the XXI century.

This year the program is divided into 3 sections: “No fiction!” – documentary films; “Re: Interpretations” – feature films from Poland and Europe, evocative in their narrative and aesthetic themes to the cinema of Krzysztof Kieślowski, or remaining part of an important social or cultural discourse; “Hommage a Kieślowski” – screening of three Krzysztof Kieślowski movies in the context of the period in which they where filmed. Accompanied by discussion panels with filmmakers, philosophers and film-goers in search for previously unobserved meanings.

Discussions, introductions to the films in the spirit of DKF, and promoting cinema as a place to expand horizons – calling into question our own, often biased or outdated opinions.

This year’s edition will follow the wise advice given by Krzysztof Kieślowski to his students in Poland and abroad: Live carefully and attentively.


 “Patrz uważnie”, realizacja: Alicja Błaszczyńska, Zofia Dąbrowska, Aleksandra Wit